Afterlife Letters

Afterlife Letters (formerly My Last Letter) is an exclusive service, which delivers your final messages after life be they of a financial or emotional nature. Indeed using Afterlife Letters means you will always be able to reveal lifelong secrets, disclose important information and ensure your affairs are left in order.

Our unique system allows you to write emails and letters to your chosen contacts, upload attachments and save your content in our secure information vault to be accessed, edited or deleted as and when you want.

Our bespoke trigger software enables us to monitor your state of grace, which we then confirm using official certification, guaranteeing your messages are only ever sent out after life.

So when the time comes you can entrust us to deliver your last letters, which we individually track to make sure they successfully reach their intended recipients.

Don't leave anything to chance.

Register with Afterlife Letters today and take peace of mind from the fact that the final words you voice needn't be the last thing you say.

Latest News: Afterlife Letters contributes to BBC Radio 4.

Afterlife Letters
Afterlife Letters

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