About Us

Afterlife Letters was set up in London in 2006 by Damian Hawkins to provide a secure, inexpensive and independent way for people to communicate crucial financial details and final wishes to their family and friends.

To ensure our customers' messages stay relevant, Afterlife Letters empowers people to access, edit or delete the content as and when they want, and as often as they like.

Crucially we can be relied upon to deliver our customers' messages to their recipients only after life and as quickly as possible, be they sent by email or traditional postal services.

Today Damian remains at the head of the company where he is responsible for day to day operations and strives to improve our service through innovation and creativity to make it the best it can be.

Our mission statement:

"Through innovation and technology we aim to be the most customer driven organisation, to constantly strive to provide our customers with a wholly unique and exclusive service; and ultimately to give individuals the affordable means to ensure that whatever they want to communicate after life won't be left unsaid."

Afterlife Letters
Afterlife Letters

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