Frequently Asked Questions
How can I be sure my messages won’t be sent out before I die?
We understand how important it is that your messages are only ever sent out after life, which is why they will be treated in the same way as final wills and testaments. So we only dispatch your messages when we have received an official death certificate and proof of ID from your nominated contact(s) requesting their release. Without this documentation we cannot be certain you have passed on and therefore we will not send out your messages.

What if the contact details for my recipients change?
All our services allow you to log-in to your account and update or change recipient details as and when you want. We advise you make changes to your recipients' contact details as soon as you become aware of them.

What if my recipients die before me?
If any individual on your recipient list dies before you, you can log-in to your account and delete the relevant contact details and any linked messages. As a result of this we will not send any messages out to these individuals.

How do you know if I'm still alive and well?
We use a bespoke trigger system, which is linked to your subscription activity. Should set criteria activate this system then we begin a countdown process, whereby we attempt to contact you by email and (depending on your instructions) telephone to verify your state of grace. The emails we send out in this instance contain hyperlinks, which you need only click on to let us know you are alive and well.

How secure are your systems?
As secure as they can be. Our hosting servers are top of the range technically. All data is encrypted and password protected. We regularly undertake security checks and when appropriate upgrade our systems to ensure they use leading solutions to protect your data.

How safe are my messages?
We believe your messages are completely safe. As well as using encryption technology and password protection the only people who can access your account are the ones you want to. Our administrators will only ever access your accounts when the date is due to dispatch your messages. If you want additional security you may choose to disclose information in a way which only the recipient can decypher i.e. "the password to my bank account is my mother's maiden name..."

Are my messages sent out immediately if I fail to respond to your checks?
No. We will make repeated attempts to contact you by sending out a series of emails and if you wish by telephoning you. Indeed we will undertake all checks within our power to ensure we do not dispatch your messages prematurely.

What happens if I suffer a debilitating illness which stops me responding to your checks, or gives the impression I've died?
As mentioned above we will do everything in our power to confirm your current state. We do offer a service which means your messages can be dispatched if you become severely impaired as we appreciate that members of your family may be comforted by your messages if you are in a comatose state. However we advise all our customers to carefully consider whether this is an option they want to use, depending on the content of their messages.

What if my contact details change?
We advise you to keep your contact details updated of any changes when they occur. For example, if you change your mobile phone or move house. You can do this quickly and easily by logging in to your account and editing your personal profile.

Can I cancel this service at any time?
Yes. We understand your circumstances can change and appreciate you may no longer wish to use our services. You need only notify us by email to terminate your account with us. We do not apply any cancellation charges even if you choose to cancel our service almost as soon as you've started to use it. Cancelling your service does not jeopardise your privilege to reopen your account with us in the future.

How do you take payment?
We take payment on an annual basis using an online direct debit facility which like the other systems we use is secure. Payments are taken when you open your account with us and then once a year every year from then on for as long as you require our services.

If the above information hasn't answered any questions you have please feel free to contact us at any time.