Popular Uses

Popular uses of the services provided by Afterlife Letters include the following:

  • Important financial information and (online) bank account details
  • Lifelong secrets and information of a sensitive nature
  • Location information of important documents including property deeds, final wills and insurance policies
  • Words which couldn't be spoken or expressed during life
  • Passwords for computers and PDAs
  • Self-penned memorials and obituaries
  • Information insurance should accidents occur
  • Funeral instructions
  • Notes to colleagues and managers
  • Combination codes to safes
  • Details of safety deposit boxes
  • Final Wishes
  • Inspirational letters of love and hope to family and friends

Afterlife Letters gives you peace of mind that it's never too late to communicate whatever you want to whoever you want. So register with us today and take comfort in the knowledge that the final words you voice needn't be the last thing you say.

Afterlife Letters
Afterlife Letters

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