When words are very hard to express

A local web designer has combined his technical skills with a difficult experience in the aftermath of the 7/7 London bombings to bring comfort to those facing the death of a loved one.

Damian Hawkins, the director of Arachnid Web Hosting in Richmond, couldn't contact his girlfriend who worked close to one of the bombed sites.

Fortunately his girlfriend was unhurt but the experience fuelled the realisation that anyone could be taken at any time - and motivated Damian to create www.mylastletter.co.uk.

My Last Letter is a secure Internet site, allowing an individual a private way to send messages to loved ones after life.

"Anyone can use the service and be assured, in the event of their death, they will be able to express their feelings," added Damian. "That's a huge comfort to both our customers and to the recipients of their letters."

The system is simple and inexpensive - and can also be used to communicate important financial information, location of documents or passwords.

"Many people find it difficult to talk about the possibility of their death or explain to a partner where to locate a Will," adds Damian. "This service helps them to do all that, and more."