Our Services
Please note: The speed with which messages are delivered is not dependent on the service level you choose
Level 1
£24.00 per Year
Our Level 1 facility gives you the tools to write and store 10 email messages, upload attachments, and create 10 individual contacts. We will send your messages out after life. This service is manually administered which means all bounce backs are monitored and recipient email addresses are checked by a member of our technical team for common mistyped errors.
Level 2
£36.00 per Year
Our Level 2 facility allows you to create 20 contacts, write 20 messages - up to 10 of which can be printed off and delivered by post after life - and upload attachments. Return addresses will be printed on all mail dispatched by post.
Level 3
£72.00 per Year
Our Level 3 facility allows you to create 40 contacts, write 40 messages - up to 20 of which can be printed off and delivered by post after life - and upload multiple attachments. All printed off letters will be sent by recorded delivery within the cost of this package on the basis that they do not exceed the standard letter weight as determined by the national postal service at the time of dispatch.
All accounts include:
  • Personal profile settings - where you can change your log-in information, contact details and choose how you want us to confirm your well-being;
  • Message writing system - where you can write, edit and save your email messages and letters and link them to the contact details of their intended recipients;
  • Your contact database - where you can create, update and store the contact details of your messages' recipients; and
  • Your attachment database - where you can upload and store any attachments you want to send with your messages.
Remember: with Afterlife Letters you can access your account and edit your messages whenever you want. Your content is secure, kept in the strictest of confidence and only released at the appropriate time.
Through our stratgetic partnership with Arachnid Web Hosting we also offer the following services:
Online Memorial Sites
£19.95 per year
Afterlife Letters' Online Memorial Sites are the ideal way to create a lasting testimony to your loved ones. The sites display obituaries and photos of the departed and provide the facility for family and friends to pay their respects online. This service is ideal for those unable to attend funerals and allow memories to be shared and treasured online. We assist our clients to ensure set up is quick and easy. All sites come with secure log-in, a control panel to edit content and screen comments and are hosted on our top of the range servers. Click here to view an example.
Domain Fortress
Prices start from £10.50 per year
If you want to add a more personal touch to your Online Memorial Site we suggest registering a domain name i.e. http://www.yourname.me.uk/. Prices start from £10.50 for 2 years for .co.uk and .me.uk suffixes. Should you wish to register your personal domain name now to ensure its availability we will manage and protect it for you as long as you require/until it is ready to be used. By typing in http://www.yourname.me.uk/ into their browsers, people will be automoatically directed to your Online Memorial Site.
Register your domain here