Customer Testimonials
The following messages are from people who are customers of Afterlife Letters/have received last letters from their loved ones, who held accounts with us during life.

"I find the servive really quick, easy and convenient to use, which is great because I'm not the most technical person in the world. But what's really important is the emotional insurance Afterlife Letters gives me. I know that even if something unexpected happens, I'll still be able to let my family and friends know how much they mean to me."

Simon, Ealing

"Nothing could replace my husband Robert. But receiving his letter... knowing he spent the time to make sure I'd never forget how he felt about me meant more than anything. I probably read his letter twice a week and I find it a wonderful comfort in his absence. He was very affectionate when he was alive, but having something from him now he's gone, something I can take out and read whenever I want, has helped me to deal with my loss."

Eileen, Birmingham

"Dad always found it hard to express how he felt. I can probably count the number of times he told me he loved me on my hand. But when I received his letter it made me realise how much I meant to him, how much he cared about me. Receiving his letter has made a real difference to me. It's given me strength and faith in myself, which I'd doubted before. Whatever he found hard to say in life, he more than made up for in his letter. Thanks Dad."

Jane, Watford

"Mum died suddenly. It was a real blow for all of us. But receiving her letters helped. She wrote how much we all meant to her, how much joy her family had given her and how she didn't want us to be sad because she'd gone to a better place. The pain of losing her's still there, but because of her letters somehow it's easier to handle. Thank you for helping her help us."

Ewan, Edinburgh