5 Reasons to Use Afterlife Letters

1 - Because our service is quick, easy to use and inexpensive. You can store your messages with us at an extremely low cost. What's more you can update any content as and when you want within the monthly cost of your service package.

2 - Because we provide a complete service. We verify your state of grace, send out your messages and monitor them to ensure they reach their destination. You concentrate on writing your content, keeping your contact information up-to-date and we take care of the rest.

3 - Because you can change your content and recipients' details as often as you like. Circumstances change, people move, time passes... the messages you write today might not be the ones you want to send tomorrow. Afterlife Letters gives you the freedom to change with the world around you.

4 - Because we're an independent 3rd party. The temptation of knowing what's in your messages could be too great even for your most trusted friend or relative. So the content you write will only ever be revealed to the people you want when the time is right.

5 - Because the messages you send could bring comfort to the bereaved. They can be kept and treasured by your loved ones something which can be referred to time and again by those left behind - and help keep memories of you fresh in their mind.

Afterlife Letters
Afterlife Letters

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