How Afterlife Letters Works
The following information details how Afterlife Letters works, explaining how we:
  • Activate your personal account
  • Monitor your well-being
  • Release your messages after life
Activating your personal account
Once you've chosen the service most suitable to your needs and your first payment has been successfully processed we:
  • Set up your personal account providing you with unique log-in details i.e. user-name and password specific to you
  • Send you an email, which includes your log-in details and a hyper-link. Clicking on this link means you have received your account information and verifies your email address is genuine
  • Activate your log-in details, which enables you to access your account straightaway and begin populating your contact database, uploading content, writing your messages, selecting who will receive what etc.
Every time you log in a time stamp will be recorded on our database, showing when you logged in and how long for.

Monitoring Your Well-being
To ensure a robust approach we have implemented both reactive and pro-active measures to monitor and confirm your well-being.

Our Reactive Approach
We ask you to nominate 2 personal contacts who can contact us on a dedicated telephone number and/or email address if you pass on. There is a facility in your account area where you can input the details of these two nominees so we know who you have chosen, and who to expect contact from.

Our Pro-active Approach
Determining your state of well-being begins with email contact. We will send you an email, which includes a hyperlink. Clicking this link will take you to the log-in page. Entering your username and password i.e. logging into your account lets us know the email has been received in your in-box.

How often we email you is entirely down to you. When you personalise your account, you'll be given a choice of whether we do this:
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Every 6 months
  • Annually
You can reset your preference i.e. from weekly to monthly, if you're going on holiday etc. Then when you return you can restore your original choice.

Afterlife Letters' bespoke software also tracks your account activity i.e. when you last logged into your account. If we notice that you haven't logged in for some time we will contact you to check all is well, above and beyond the frequency you have requested.

If You Don't Respond To The Email
If we don't receive a response to the timed email we send you, then we will send a series of additional emails. If we still fail to make contact with you, we will attempt to reach you by telephone using the number(s) you have listed on the personal profile page of your account.

If our efforts are still unsuccessful, we will then contact the individual(s) you have nominated as additional contacts and attempt to verify your well-being this way.

Should this measure also fail, we will contact the Register of Births and Deaths.

Releasing Your Messages
Releasing your messages at the appropriate time is key to our service. We don't want to cause unnecessary embarassment or upset, and therefore will not release your messages until we are certain you are dead.

Once we learn you have passed on - either through contact we have initiated or from your nominated contact(s) - we will confirm this with the Register of Births and Deaths. If the information proves to be accurate, we will then request a Certificate of Death and Proof of ID from one of your nominated contacts. On receipt of this documentation, we will release your messages by email and/or (registered) post.

Without this documentation we cannot be sure you have died and therefore will not release your messages.